How to live stream with the Orah 4i and Wowza


  • Your Orah 4i is connected to the processing unit, the processing unit is turned on and you are connected to the web app

Setting up Wowza

Connect to your Wowza Streaming Engine Manager account.

Once on the homepage, you can see on the right of the screen the streaming server settings (server URL + port). That info will be needed when creating the stream in the Orah 4i web application.

To access applications settings, click on the "Application" menu.

In the application menu, you can select an already existing live application or create a new one by clicking on the "Live" button.

This will open a pop-up. Enter your application name and click on "+ Add"

You are then directed to your live application page.

By default, the application requires authentication. If you do not want to use authentication click on "Source security".

Then click on "Edit" select "Open (no authentication required)" in the RTMP Sources and save.

A banner will appear, asking you to restart the application, click on "Restart now"

Setup and launch the live stream in the Orah webapp

In the webapp, click on "Broadcast" then on the gear icon to access the broadcasting settings

In the broadcasting settings, enter the stream URL as noted in Wowza. The stream key will be the name of your stream.

Click on save as, this will open a pop up where you can save those settings as a new preset.

To launch the stream, click on "Back to preview" then click on "Start streaming"

You are now streaming live a 360 video.


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