How to update my Orah 4i

Prerequisite : 

  • You will need a USB key Fat32 formatted (or MSDOS FAT formatted on Macs) with at least 1GB of available space.
  • You will need the latest firmware. It can be downloaded here
  • Your Orah 4i stitching box is turned off, the camera is disconnected from the box, and Orah 4i web app is closed

Please note that if when upgrading the stitching box to firmware 1.1.0 beta you might have to upgrade the camera firmware twice

1. Copy and unzip the downloaded firmware to the root of your USB key

Make sure that you do not have other Orah firmware files copied on the same USB key

2. Plug the USB key to one of the USB2.0 ports of the stitching box

3. Turn the Orah 4i stitching box on

The system will automatically update itself from the USB key. Once the update is completed the system will reboot and you should hear a bip at the reboot.

The complete update should take 2-3 mins

4. Plug the camera to the stitching box

5. Connect to the wifi network of your Orah system

You can refer to the Orah Quick Start guide for more explanation

6. Connect to the Orah 4i web application

You can access the web application by connecting to after connecting to your Orah 4i wifi network.

In the home screen, a pop-up will notify you of the successful update

You can also open your USB key, the firmware file will now be suffixed "done" after a successful update

If the firmware of your camera is not the latest one, you will see a notification in the web application prompting you to update the camera firmware. This update is done automatically through the web application.


If the system does not update, please follow those steps:

  1. Unplug the power cable from the back of the Stitching Unit and try again.
  2. Formate the USB key in FAT32 and try again.
  3. Make sure the files are extracted/copied to the root of the USB key (not in a directory)
  4. Try with another USB key.

If it stills doesn't work after doing those steps. Please contact our support team and provide your log files.

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