VR preview

Orah 4i control app let's you live preview the scene it is capturing either flat, with a traditional 360 video interactive view, or even directly in HMD's (Head Mounted Displays).

Interactive preview, and HMD preview enable you to preview the scene exactly as the end user will experience it. You should use it every time it's possible to adjust the camera positioning.

The default video preview is a flat equirectangular projection. To access interactive and VR preview, click on the HMD icon. 


This will open a dedicated window with the interactive preview player.


HMD preview

Orah 4i's HMD preview leverages the WebVR API which provides in browser HMD support. When the WebVR API is not available in a mobile browser, Orah falls back automatically to a 'cardboard' type of preview.

If your browser supports the WebVR API, or if your are using a smartphone, the 'VR preview' will be enabled and let you toggle the HMD preview mode.


If your web browser doesn't support the WebVR API, or if no HMD was detected, the 'VR preview' button will not be available. 

For an up to date view of the various HMD devices in each browser, make sure to check out :

At the time of writing, the WebVR API is still new and in active development. It is already available in Microsoft Edge browser, and under in the nightly builds of other major browsers.

Please note iOS does not support WebVR fullscreen mode

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