Ambisonic audio

Orah 4i can capture ambient audio in first order (4 channels) ambisonic, thanks to it's advanced audio processing and specifically positioned microphones.

It delivers spatial audio in AmbiX format (ACN channel layout and SN3D normalization).


Spatial audio preview in the browser

Spatial audio can be previewed in the control app using the VR preview. It is enabled automatically when you configure Orah 4i with an ambisonic audio source.

Note: Ambisonic playback will fail on iPhones and iPads, as iOS does not currently support HLS preview with 4 channels of audio.


Ambisonic recording

The recorded MP4 files embed spatial media metadata for spatial audio playback on platforms that support it, such as Youtube and Facebook.

The metadatas provide the description of the ambisonic format for these platforms to playback the audio accurately.


Ambisonic broadcasting

Orah 4i is also capable of broadcasting spatial audio. The broadcasted stream will yield 4 channels of AmbiX formatted audio.

In the case of ambisonic audio broadcasting, no metadata are passed to configure the player or CDN.



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