USB audio cards

Orah v1.2.0 release adds support for professional USB audio cards.

We currently develop and test this feature using the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and Scarlett 18i8.

We will list supported cards as we collect feedback. Any USB audio class compliant device is expected to detected and work similarly. If you have a different USB audio card, we encourage you to test it and tell us about it.



Using USB audio cards

Hot plugging / unplugging of the card is not supported : 

  • USB audio card must be plugged in before boot in order to be detected
  • USB audio card must not be removed while Orah 4i is running
  • Multiple USB audio cards can not be used simultaneously.

When the audio card is detected, it will appear as an audio source in the audio settings.



When the audio card is selected, it is used as audio source for preview, broadcasting and recording.



Channel layout


Mono channel layout is not supported.



When selecting stereo audio, the first two channels of your USB audio card will be used as Left and Right channels.


First order ambisonic (4 channels)

USB audio cards providing at least 4 channels of audio will be listed with an option to ingest ambisonic. When ambisonic is selected, the first 4 audio channels of you device will be used as audio source for audio passthrough.

The expected audio signal should be in AmbiX format: ACN channel layout & SN3D normalization.

See also : ambisonic audio

Note : the provided ambisonic audio signal should be aligned with the video. Orientation adjustments and stabilization applied to the video, are not applied to the audio soundfield.




Reporting bugs related to USB audio card support

Before reporting a problem related to USB audio ingest:

  • Make sure whether the card is listed when you re-open Orah 4i's control app in a fresh browser window.
  • Try to reboot to see if the issue occurs.
  • Try the card on a different USB port. Make sure no other device is connected on the USB ports.


When looking for support on USB audio ingest, please send us the following information:

  • The exact reference of the USB card you are having issues with.
  • The logs collected right after the issue occurs.
  • A sample file that we can use to analyze the audio signal if the issue is related to audio quality (eg. recorded to SD card)






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