HDMI output

 Known issues in v1.2.0 beta release

  • HDMI hot plugging and unplugging (while Orah is up and running) can cause display errors.




Output video signal

  • 16:9 aspect ratio. Resolution up to 4096x2160p
  • framerate up to 30fps


Using the HDMI video output


  • Your HDMI device should be plugged in before you power up the stitching unit.
  • Using multiple HDMI ports at the same time is currently not supported.



HDMI resolution and framerate

The maximum HDMI output resolution you will get is bound to the configured video mode. 

See also : configuring Orah4i video mode

Orah 4i delivers video signal over the stitching unit HDMI 2.0 with supports HDMI 4096x2160 resolution at 30 fps and above.

The actual Orah 4i output resolution depends on capabilities of the sink HDMI device you plug to it. Please refer to your third party equipment to check on supported resolutions and framerates.

For optimal resolution on the HDMI port, we recommend configuring Orah's video mode to 4K DCI (4096x2048).






Nothing is showing up on the HDMI device

Please follow these steps :

  • Try to reboot Orah 4i with the HDMI cable plugged in and your device power on.
  • Try to unplug and plug again the HDMI cable on your device rather than on Orah 4i itself.
  • Try changing Orah 4i video mode to match the resolution your device is capable of.

If none of the above solves the problem, please read the instructions below.


Reporting bugs related to HDMI video output

Before reporting a problem related to HDMI output :

  • Make sure your cable is working correctly and no dust is causing electrical interference.
  • Make sure your cable is suitable for 4K resolutions if you are trying to get 4K video signal through HDMI.
  • Check whether the video signal displays when using another device.
  • Check whether the video signal displays when using another HDMI port on Orah 4i's stitching unit. 

When reporting issues related to HDMI video signal, please try to provide as much information as possible, especially :

  • Send us the reference of the device are trying to use Orah 4i with.
  • If you report a visible artifact, send us a picture or short video showing the artifact.
  • Send us the logs collected from the support page of Orah 4i control web app right after the issue occured.


Using Orah 4i HDMI output with Blackmagic Design Decklink and ATEM equipment

When plugging Orah 4i to a Blackmagic design ATEM switch, you need to plug the HDMI cable on the switch after it has been connected to Orah 4i HDMI output. You may need to reboot unplug and replug the HDMI cable on the ATEM switch for the video to display.

Please note that most Blackmagic design equipment will not display any video signal unless they are configured at the correct resolution and framerate.




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