How to Multicast a 360 video using LiveScale and Orah 4i

There are many reasons why a producer would love to multicast a 360 / VR video. One being the lack of upload bandwidth necessary to run different broadcast streams. Another, to reach audiences across platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Periscope. And even its own custom channel.

One such platform solution is offered by LiveScale, and we are working with them to enable producers to multicast across platforms. Currently, you are able to multicast to your custom ingest,LiveScale Player (for web/mobile streaming), YouTube and Facebook. All those destinations can be streamed to simultaneously, and you will have access to Realtime Analytics to measure your audience’s engagement into your live streaming.


Your Orah 4i is connected to the processing unit, the processing unit is turned on and you are connected to the web app. Target resolution is 4K.

Setting up the stream on LiveScale

Go to the LiveScale platform and log into your account. Once logged in, click on SocialCast. You’ll be able to monitor your existing endpoints, and add/remove some.


1- Adding endpoints / SocialCasts

Currently, LiveScale supports VR streaming to YouTube, Facebook, Web/mobile (through their LiveScale Player) or “Custom” type of platforms for 360 video streaming. They are working towards supporting other social channels.

To add a new endpoint, click on “New SocialCast”. A pop-up screen allows you to connect your social accounts or create a custom endpoint (a third-party platform…).


Once your accounts are connected they will appear on the SocialCast List.

2- Creating a multicast

In order to create a multicast stream on LiveScale, go to the Channels tab and click on “Create channel”. You can define the channel details (input stream characteristics), like enabling 360°, as well as the endpoint platforms. These endpoints are those that you previously connected on SocialCast tab (see Adding endpoints / SocialCasts). Once done, click on the Start button. It takes less than 2 minutes before the channel gets created.


Once it’s ready you will receive all the ingest details, stream key, and link to the LiveScale Player for the stream to embed in your website/mobile app.


Configuring Orah 4i output stream

Copy and paste the requisite details into Orah 4i Broadcast presets. Once done, you are ready to start a multicast! In the above example, we were streaming to a website (through the LiveScale Player) and YouTube simultaneously.



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