How to stream to Facebook with the Orah 4i


Your Orah 4i is connected to the processing unit, the processing unit is turned on and you are connected to the web app

Facebook prerequisite:


The Orah 4i already output the correct parameters, you will have to make sure to select the correct resolution and limit the stream to 4h.

Set up the stream on Facebook

Connect to Facebook live stream page, click on "Create Stream", select where you want to share the stream, check the "This live stream is a 360 video" checkbox and validate by clicking on "Next"


A new window opens with your stream address and key to use to setup the broadcast preset in the Orah web application:


Set up the stream in the Orah 4i web application

In the web application, click on "Settings" then "Video" to open the video settings and select the HD video resolution


Go back to "Settings" then "Broadcast Presets" and copy the stream URL and stream key from Facebook in the dedicated field then saveas your Facebook preset by clicking on "Save as" and naming your preset.



Launch the stream in the Orah 4i web application

Go back to the preview, then click on "Broadcast" and select your Facebook preset


Click on "Start streaming" to launch the stream to Facebook


Launch the stream in Facebook

Go back to the Facebook stream page, after a few seconds a 360 preview of the stream should appear


Click on "Go Live" to launch the stream in Facebook


You can view the stream in 360 by going to the permalink


You are now live streaming 360 on Facebook!

Please note that when you will launch a new stream, the stream key will change so you will have to update your Facebook preset.


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