Troubleshooting: camera not detected

If the camera is not found, proceed to a hard reboot of the system by following these steps:

  • Unplug everything
  • Boot the stitching unit
  • After successful boot, connect to the stitching unit, clear your browser cache (open the web app in a new 'incognito window' or 'private navigation window' in the browser will not use existing cache) 
  • Once the web app has loaded, connect the camera following the 'quick start guide': Make sure the POE injector is not connected backward, and that it is plugged into the bottom ethernet port.
  • You can also test with another ethernet cable.
  • Observe carefully the LEDs on the camera ethernet port. Are the camera LEDs lighting up upon connection, are they blinking?
  • Wait a minute, the camera should be detected and the web app updating accordingly.
  • Are the camera LEDs still on, are they blinking?
  • Go to the support section of the web app: Settings > Support. 
  • Find the 'logs' button, and click it to downloads the logs.
  • Send us the logs along with your observations on the camera LEDs.
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