How to preview your Orah 4i stream in a Gear VR

It is possible to view your Orah 4i preview in a Gear VR by using Samsung internet browser.

Make sure the Samsung internet browser is updated (it can be accessed through the  icon)

Open the browser, click on the top right menu icon the go to Extensions and enable the 'Video Assistant' extension.

Go back and put your phone in your Gear VR, then select the browser address bar, a popup will open, select the keyboard icon and use the virtual keyboard to enter the preview HLS address and click on "Go"

The address of the preview stream is http://{BOX.IP}/hls/preview/index.m3u8


Then launch the preview by selecting the play button, when the preview is running you will see a movie icon on the bottom of the page, select it and select the 360° option


You can now see your 360° preview in the Gear VR!


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