How to preview an Orah 4i stream in an Oculus Rift

By default, when the camera and stitching box are turned on, your stitching box preview server is streaming an HLS preview at the following address


If you do not know your box IP address, it can be found in the "Network Settings" menu of the settings

Install Open VR Video Player

Start the application. The application can either be controlled with the headset or with the keyboard and mouse. By default, it is the headset with a controller.

Move your head to the upper right corner to point on the “Eye” button and validate with the Oculus controller. This will deactivate the headset control

Then click on the "Earth" button, this will open a menu, where you can enter your stream URL

Click on the text field and paste the stream URL and click on "Open"

Once the stream opens, click on the first "360°" icon to enable the 360 playback

You can now reactivate the headset by clicking on the "Eye" icon and enjoy you 360 stream!



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