How to setup a 4K preview

By default, the preview available in the Orah web application is limited to 2K.

In some cases, you might want to check this preview in 4K and in a 360 player without streaming externally.

This is possible by creating a new broadcast preset streaming to the local preview server.

To do so go to the settings and select the "Broadcast preset" menu

In the broadcast presets, create a new preset based on the default preset by changing the stream key (here for example we use the 4Kpreview key).

Save as a new preset by clicking on "Save as" and name your new preset (here 4Kpreview)

Go back to the preview screen and start the stream using the preset you created

You can then see the stream in your favorite 360 players by with the following stream addresses:

  • RTMP : rtmp://{BOX.IP}:1935/live/stream_key (here rtmp://{BOX.IP}:1935/live/4Kpreview)
  • HLS : http://{BOX.IP}/hls/stream_key/index.m3u8 (in this exemple : http://{BOX.IP}/hls/4Kpreview/index.m3u8)

If you do not know your box IP address, it can be found in the "Network Settings" menu of the settings


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